The team receiving the 'Best Innovation' award from PADMAN movie star
Akshay kumar, supporting social entrepreneurship

Airlens-nasal purification system, touching thousands of lives and
blossoming smiles for tomorrow's India.

Persapien- a mission supported by leaders and
visionaries of the nation

'Airlens Data'- to empower all Indians on the 'Right to information'
on personal air quality.

Air Pollution is the leading cause of health problems. It causes respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and birth disorders. It is attributed to 8 million deaths per year. Everyone is vulnerable to air pollution. However, growing children are worst sufferers of its effects.

"Air pollution kills more than AIDS, TB and Road injuries combined"


Airlens, the nasal filter that entraps air pollutants to empower everybody with pure breathe. It's time to un mask the smiles.

'Airlens Data' mobile app is the power of science that calculates hyperlocal AQI of every streets in the country, providing personal air quality data to all.

Citizens are now empowered to protect their own health and their environment.

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Awards given by Akshay Kumar
Best Innovator Award at Startup India 2018

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