Air Pollution is the leading cause of health problems. It causes respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and birth disorders. It is attributed to 8 million deaths per year. Everyone is vulnerable to air pollution. However, growing children are worst sufferers of its effects.

"Air pollution kills more than AIDS, TB and Road injuries combined"



Awareness and Social Welfare

PerSapiens reached out to about 10 Schools in Delhi-NCR and traveled to about 20 cities in India to spread awareness about air pollution by an impactful way, showing pollution through Microscope. While spreading awareness, participants were encouraged to create an innovative "Fan-Filter" from DIY kits developed at PerSapien Innovations. These Fan-Filters were gifted to those who can't afford to buy air-purifier for their homes. It was organized in collaboration with Volvo Auto India.

Dec. 18

Unique Diwali Gift

While Airlens was making its impact, more innovations were getting incubated at PerSapien's womb and one such innovation was #BreatheFree Cleanzone filters for saving car riders. 5.5 Lakhs of such filters were gifted on the day of Diwali in collaboration with Volvo Auto and saved many lives from obnoxious pollution after Diwali. A really unique and honest Diwali gift.

Nov. 18

Traffic Police

On its mission to help those who need it the most, PerSapien Innovations gifted 60,000 Airlens to Delhi Traffic Policemen in collaboration with GAIL's Hawa Badlo Initiative. By this time, PerSapiens were humbled by the volumes of pure breath gifted to fellow Homo-Sapiens.

Mar. 2018

Airlens At School

Children are the worst sufferer due to Air pollution. Students from more than 20 schools in Delhi-NCR and 20 schools in Mumbai and Bangalore were presented with the gift of Pure air through Airlens Kids, in collaboration with Hawa Badlo initiative from GAIL. Airlens Kids are especially designed to save children from menace of Air pollution.

Dec. 17


As Airlens was running fast to touch as many lives as possible, it caught attention of runners at Delhi Marathon empowering them to beat the smoggy trails. On a single day, Airlens touched more than 5000 lives.

Nov. 17

Airlens Launch

The idea of a smart and comfortable nasal air filter finally took birth after being incubated for 2 years in PerSapien's womb. The cord was cut by Padma Shri Prof. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS, New Delhi to set it free to empower people breathe pure air.

Oct. 17
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