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airlens helps you beat air pollution smartly by providing personal air quality data, an advanced nasal air purification device and protection tracking

Smart nasal filters to protect you from air pollution
Airlens AMT technology

Effective & Safe

  • Patent Pending AMT for high purification efficiency

  • Protection against PM2.5, PM10, toxic gases

  • Medically safe as per ISO 10993

  • Strict Quality Control, CE certified

  • Long lasting protection for a day

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User Friendly Wearable

  • Easy to Breathe

    Active molecular technology allows air to move freely while trapping pollutants effectively

  • Barely Visible

    The wearable is small and inconspicuous. Transparent adhesive and black purifier camouflage well on the nose

  • Leak Proof

    Highly conformable material adjusts to the shape of your nose and sticks perfectly to get the best seal so you only breathe pure air

  • Hassle-free

    Protection shouldn't compromise your freedom to enjoy life. The wearable is designed so that you can just wear and forget it

Safe, secure and certified

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CE certified
ISO certified

Free Mobile app to provide your personal air quality data
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Personal Air Quality Data

Get your location specific air pollution data to know the air you are breathing in. Our technology uses satellite, weather, traffic data with advanced models to provide you accurate air quality data for your location

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Tracking Protection

While you are shielded from air pollutants every moment using Airlens wearable, track how long you need to wear it to get required protection for the whole day The app dynamically detects the air quality around you throughout your usage and graphically displays your progress.

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Pollution source tracking

At the next level, we are improving our algorithms to an extent that one could pin point the exact locations of major pollution sources in a city or locality. This would empower the Government, local communities and even the citizens to take better pollution abatement actions. Thereafter the impact from this action can be measured in real time

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Check your personal air quality

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Use nasal wearable as suggested by App

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Stay protected throughout the day

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Track your progress