Empower people to live a healthier life in today's polluted environment


A team of researchers, clinicians, engineers designers met at Stanford University, USA to work on today's biggest healthcare problem. Their journey to AIIMS, India sowed the seeds of this biodesign invention. Clinical and ethnographic immersion enabled them to identify the gap, there is no user-friendly effective solution to protect oneself from air pollution. Thus, Airlens was born through synergy of efforts from experts all around the globe who believed in this revolution to bring a change, to save human lives.

Established in 2017, PerSapien Innovations is driven by the beliefs that basic healthcare should be available to all (Per) and that the right to life is fundamental for humankind (Sapien). Following the creed of “Health for All”, PerSapien passionately develops and facilitates technological and non-technological healthcare solutions which are user-friendly, accessible, and appreciated by all.

Guided by the values of hope, empathy, and purpose, PerSapien recognizes that healthcare is a universal sector, touching and impacting the lives of all individuals. Hence, their determination to democratize optimal health for all.